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What do we do?

We make Mobile Apps

We are here to help you make mobile apps for any purpose, such as indoor navigation, check-in system app, asset management system and etc.

Android Development for Play Store

Our android development is based on Google's latest Android Studio, and we will build the app based on the requirement of the client.

iOS Development for App Store

We build our iOS app with XCode on macOS, in compliance with all the requirements from Apple Inc.

Who do we do?

We make Web Apps

A web app is a program that utilizes web browsers and web technology to perform tasks over the Internet. As an example, QR based check-in systems are usually based on Web App.

onTheSpot system for COVID-19

In the ongoing combat against COVID-19, we have developed a QR based check-in
system, which allows you to keep a digital record of visitor logs. This also has the added
benefit of keeping physical contact to a minimum which supports the current social
distancing measures.


How do you get started?

Share your idea

To start with, we would love to hear your ideas and needs so that we may offer the best solutions to every issue.

Design proposal

Once we have the relevant information, we will propose an app design that best suits your needs.

Start coding

Upon the final confirmation, the development team will start to work their magic and develop the app for you.


Our capabilities

We have the capabilities to suit your other needs!

We have a dedicated hardware development team for projects that require Bluetooth beacons, Raspberry Pi, or Arduino Modules to function.

Server and Database

Having our own server and database will ensure the best connectivity experience for your apps.

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