Are you wasting you and your employee’s precious time by recording your visitor’s data manually using pen and paper? Check us out in onTheSpot, your solution to a quick and easy documentation on all your visitor’s data!

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onTheSpot’s manual

What is onTheSpot?

onTheSpot aims to eliminate all the repetitive work you had to do compiling the data of your customers into a computer. The data that the customer keyed-in will be automatically recorded into your account. Only you and your business will be able to view the data of your customers in-and-out.

Combat COVID-19

Our data collection now includes body temperature log. This is to comply our government’s requirement for all business owners to record visitor’s and staff’s body temperature all the time to slow the spread of COVID-19. In addition to that, business owners can observe the situation of their premise from a safe distance, keeping a minimal contact, and have safe working environment. Demo check-in:

Scan with QR Code

Your visitors can easily go to your company’s check-in page with a simple QR code scan. We will provide you a customized QR code with a link attached for ease-of-use purpose!

onTheSpot Dashboard

Our dashboard is simple yet efficient. It shows all the data you need to know of the day, including total number of visits, and warning signs of feverish visitors. We even have an algorithm helping you analyze your business’s peak hour of the day for you!

Data Control at Your Fingertips

While it is good to have a system automated, it is an inevitable fact that there will be some internet troll flooding your account with unwanted data. We provide a verification section for you to verify the good data from the bad ones with just a single click of a button!.

Filter & Export

Filter out your data with dates, and export all your data in excel format for your company’s documentation. Skip all the unnecessary typing work with a mouse click.

Join Us

Whether you are trying to do more value-added work, or trying to take a break from doing boring documentations, this software is for you. Save yourself from doing all the dirty work, leave it to us while you do what you do best!

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Unlimited Check-Ins

Data Export to EXCEL format

Check-In Verification

Interactive Dashboard

Visitor Analysis


Too Good To Be True?

No really, it is FREE! We believe that we shouldn’t take this pandemic as a chance to monetize suffering.

If you like what we do though, do come and have a look, we can do so much more than a simple dashboard.

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