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Here in Malaysia, double parking has been one of the a known phenomena throughout the country. The reality of lack of parking spaces, often lead drivers chose to double park instead of find a proper parking. It may solves someone’s trouble temporally, but it too may cause someone else’s trouble at the same time. The initial idea for this app is to report a double parking car from your own phone, attach a photo, alongside with car plate number, car’s brand and color, and any other kind of details that you need it, and having a webpage that can show the reported car’s info in real time. Scenario may vary from 1 location to other, but it is very likely that the reporter will be using mobile data wireless, while the webpage will be shown in a shop or church, via a browser with presentation mode.

With these criterias, we have decide a flow of how this solution will eventually work out.

Flow of solution


Capture details of the car​

The app should be able to use camera with text recognition to extract the car plate number within captured image. user should be able to key in car’s brand and color, and possibly other details if one wish to have it.​


Upload data to database​

Server will store all the inputs and images, keeping it for other usage.


Display data in website form

User will be able to use browser, navigate to the given website and they’ll have reporter car display in web form.

Design language

Mobile Apps ( Android )

Splash Screen

An animated splash screen makes the app looks cooler, highlighted logo, background movement and etc help to achieve this result.

Main Screen

Blurred background allows user able to focus on the UI inputs, letting them know where to write the required information. Report button stands out, allowing users know where to tap upon input completion.


The end result can be view from the DEMO below. The app, as well as the webpage that display reported data.

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