Indoor Tracking System


Indoor Tracking System is a system for employer to track indoor’s location of their employee. On top of that, it features clock-in-out system as well which takes the advantage of bluetooth beacons, ensure employee are within the range of work site before they’re able to clock-in.

All of the information will then be transfer into database for logging purpose, allowing employer to track their employee’s working hours, as well as the region of where the employee was working at.


Bluetooth Beacon

GPS does not work in an indoor environment, therefore our next best option is bluetooth beacon. A BLE beacon can normally last for 1-3 years depending on the size of the battery.

Mobile Apps

Both Android and iOS app will be used to detect nearby bluetooth beacons, giving the system an idea where the phone owner is located, and send all the information back to server for logging purpose. Clock In button will only be activated if targeted bluetooth beacons are being around.

Expectation & Result

We expect employee will be having this app install on their phone, clock in during the beginning time of work, and clock out at the end of day. In the meantime, accumulated bluetooth beacons’ data will be transfer to our server as well.

Following is a demo of Android and iOS app in action.

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